Winning Strategies in Online Bingo

There will always be those involved with any form of gaming who genuinely believe that they have the ‘secret formula’ to winning. There are hundreds of books and websites devoted to such dubious notions. It’s important to remember, however, that, whether you enjoy a flutter on the horses or have a penchant for online bingo, most games are simply a question of chance or beating the odds.

Having said that, there are ways to increase your chances of a win when playing live or Internet bingo on great site like Bingocams. While these methods do not come with a money-back guarantee, follow these simple tips and you’ll increase the odds of winning.

The most important method of play if you’re looking for a win above the social and interactive side of play is to join the quieter games. Find the room on your favourite site that is the emptiest and join in no matter how small the jackpot.

Playing against fewer players simply ups your chances of winning. This is especially true in set games where the money does not roll over into a PJP. Consider that most people will join in the biggest games on a weekend, looking for a big win, but there also will be other smaller games running simultaneously in other rooms. Larger internet bingo sites such as Mecca offer lots of alternative games at all times so no matter how you want to play, there’s always going on.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are notoriously quiet for Internet bingo traffic so look around and see what’s on offer during these days. Avoid games that are related to ongoing tourneys – no matter how small the prize – as these will always attract more players who are chasing a larger prize.

Another important tip when playing 75-ball bingo (or when playing for an ongoing tourney prize in particular), is to keep your eyes peeled for the pattern. A good way to watch for your pattern emerging while not being distracted by an imminent Full House win is to “pre daub” all the numbers you won’t be needing during that session. Less squares to look at means you won’t be as easily distracted and are less likely to miss numbers when they’re called. Many of the sites online allow you to personalise your game, which gives you the freedom to choose different colours to daub with. Utilising differing colours between patterns and the main game can help you stay ahead of the rest and will help you to visualise the pattern more easily.

Finally, don’t play too many cards at any one time. It’s tempting to buy a stack of cards when there’s a huge pot of cash up for grabs but the more cards you have to follow the less likely you’ll be able to stay on top of what’s going on. No one wants to realise that they had the winning card but didn’t notice because they were looking at a different card at the time!

If you combine all these tips into your play routine you should find your chances of winning are much better as well as making your game more fun. Good luck!