Slot Machine Bankroll Strategy

If there is a way to “beat the odds” on a slot machine, statistically speaking it lies in what is collectively known as “bankroll strategy”. Slot machine bankroll strategy is exactly what it sounds like – a method of playing (and hopefully winning at) slot machines based on how much you have to bet for any given session.

Slots Bankroll Strategy Variation

There are many variations on the “slots bankroll strategy”, I will present a fairly simplified version in this article as well as a little info on the closely related “percentage strategy” for winning at UK slots.

For a simple example, we will assume a bankroll of £500. The first step, as always when playing a slot machine, is to find a good machine to play. Look for a machine that advertises a solid payback percentage on payout and has some appeal to you – maybe the theme looks cool or its in the non smoking section. Once you have your machine selected, your bankroll strategy can begin. Make sure you pick a machine that offers the highest denomination you can afford to play – you will see later in the strategy why this is important. Since in our example we have £500 to gamble with, we will pretend to play on a dollar machine.

Bankroll and Slots Play

The bankroll slot machine strategy can be used for any type of slots play – so play whatever type of machine you want, be it a progressive, video slot, three-reel, or whatever you want. You must pay attention to how much money is being played. Once you have played half of your bankroll (in our example, that would be 250 spins) take account of your bankroll. If your remaining money total is about equal to or above your starting bankroll, continue to play until you have played half of your bankroll—then evaluate again. The key here is to get your bankroll to half before making any big playing decisions.

Should your remaining money amount after 250 spins be less than your original bankroll, move down one denomination as per the machine you’re playing. If you were at the dollar machines, you would move down to the 50-cent slot machines, if offered, or the quarter slot machines. If you’ve been playing a progressive machine, make sure that you are playing one in which the maximum bet matches the denomination you’re playing with. If on a non-progressive machine, you will likely be allowed to change your denominations without moving to an entirely different machine – a big boon for superstitious (or just lazy) players who don’t like to switch machines.

As with the first half of your session, play until half of your remaining bankroll was put through the machine. Again, evaluate to decide if you can keep playing at this level or if you need to move down once more. Consider this like moving down steps on a ladder. If you manage to regain your original bankroll amount, you can move up to the prior denomination level. So, this slot machine strategy is really a ladder. The better you do, the higher you go. The worse you do, the lower you go. Very simple. Why does it work?

Extending Your Slot Machine Playing Time

Well, in the end it may not “work” precisely. That’s the tricky part of bankroll strategy. It doesn’t guarantee you will win so much as give you the best opportunity to win and greatly extend your slot machine playing time.

Another reason this method seems to work, especially on bonus slots, is simple mathematics. A bonus is likely to pop up over the course of 250+ spins (though not guaranteed to) and by extending your slots play and spin count, you’re extending the chance you might come across one of those oh-so-valuable bonuses.

Other Slot Machine Bankroll Strategies

Some other strategies based loosely on the bankroll theory are easily found on the web, one of the most popular of which I have used successfully to extend the length of my playtime and actually win a couple bonuses that I may otherwise have missed because of over betting.

The best slot gamers I know are those who don’t just ‘click and spin’ any old machine they come across – they use logic and math to try and out-fox the probability of the slot machine – with percentage play and bankroll control. The general rules of percentage play are much like that of bankroll control.

First, players should set a fixed session bankroll, and begin to wager a maximum of five percent of their bankroll per spin. After each spin, the player recalculates the five percent wager and quits playing as soon as the fifty percent loss point is reached. These kinds of “systems” that are based on controlling your bankroll and percentage loss are your best shot at “beating slots”.

After a round of slot play, you hopefully had a good time at the casino – and if luck is on your side you may walk out a big winner.