Reasons why an online casino may be blacklisted

An online casino blacklist is very simply a directory of online casinos that the creator of the blacklist is red-flagging to the public. It is a summary of the reputation that an online casino has built up through several complaints from players who have had bad experiences when they played there. Blacklists are reliable when deciding which online casino to play at. There are numerous reasons why a casino would get blacklisted but explained below are only the most common ones.

Very slow withdrawal times, non-payment, or confiscation of balances

Continuous reports from players about casinos taking forever and a day to pay their winnings or simply not paying them at all are by far the most common reason why online casinos appear on blacklists. What can also happen is that a casino may be paying its players but not paying the people who to help promote it (i.e. its affiliates) which is just as bad. Worst of all are the reports of significant amounts of money mysteriously disappearing from players’ accounts, for which the casino is unable to account. All these are often followed by the casino giving players the run-around to get their money.

Games do not show signs of randomness

The most important part of a casino is the fairness with which the games are played. The industry standard is that all the games offered at a casino make use of some sort of randomising mechanism such as a Random Number Generator. Players are warned not to play at casinos which do not use RNGs.

Ambiguous Terms and Conditions and/or very clearly unfair T’s & C’s

It is a known fact that hardly anyone ever really reads the Terms and Conditions of anything before signing up, installing something, or using a product. But the people who create online casinos blacklists do. Flimsy, euphemistic terms are often indicative of hidden conditions which even the conscientious player who does read the T’s & C’s might not take note of until it is too late. The opposite extreme of this are those T’s & C’s which are very obviously biased against the player. Such may include ridiculously high wagering requirements and unreasonably long withdrawal waiting periods.


Online casinos will generally offer more than one means of communication with their customer service. Whether it be by telephone, email, fax or live chat; players should be able to reach the customer service in order to have their issues addressed. An online casino that refuses to communicate with its customers is one that has something to hide or is avoiding responsibility.

Spamming and/or distribution of malware

A casino whose software contains any form of malware will undoubtedly make it to an online casino blacklist, especially if the casino is aware of the malware through complaints but does nothing about it. Viruses, Trojans and spyware are examples of malware that have the potential to cause extreme damage. A download casino found with these will often be red-flagged until the malware is removed.

Unlicensed, forging a license, or operating under a suspended license

Certain online casinos have been reported to be operating under illegal licenses or without a license at all. Not only is this completely unethical, but it is also illegal. Moreover, it is dangerous for players to conduct activity of any sort with these casinos as they are unregulated gaming platforms who are almost free to mistreat and exploit players; hence they appear on blacklists.