Online Slot Machines

I remember when you would have to travel to the nearest land based casino to play slot machines. And for those of you who live in remote areas like me, that meant a lengthy, and sometimes expensive, trip. This all changed in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with the introduction of online slots and slot machines. The first attempts at developing these online games were nothing compared to what is available today, and it took a few years for the whole idea of playing slots machines online to catch on, but now you can play hundreds, if not thousands, of different slots online from the comfort of your own home or in a mobile casino on your iPhone or android phone.

The variety of available games includes traditional 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, video slots and progressive jackpot slot machines. Here is some additional information about each one of these types of slot machines. If you are interested in playing online, you might want to check out slots systems before investing in a system. They all look like scams.

Online 3 Reel Slots

Online 3 reel slots (or three reel slots) look just like the old 3 reel slot machines that I first think of when I hear slots. However, where the land based casino 3 reel slots use actual reels, the online slots just use graphics that look like reels. Some of these online machines have a single pay line while others have 3 or more pay lines. The online three reel slots use a random number generator, or RNG, with each space on each reel assigned a number. Once the RNG picks a number, the video graphics display the correct place on the reel. Examples of 3 reel slots are Red White and Win and Cash Splash.

Online 5 Reel Slots

Online 5 reel slots are much like the 3 reel ones listed above, except there are five reels instead of three. This opens the possibility of many more paylines. As you will read below, most online five reel slots are considered video slots. Examples of online 5 reel slots include Tomb Raider and Super Diamond Mine.

Online Video Slots

Online video slots are the same thing as the five reel slots listed above. The difference is in land based casino slots where some machines actually have reels and others are actual video screens. Online video slots open the possibility of scatter symbols, wild symbols and bonus symbols and rounds, which add a great deal to the gaming experience for most slots players. Examples of online video slots include Hitman and Cleopatra’s Pyramid.

Online Progressive Slots

Online progressive slots can be 3 reel, 5 reel or video slots. Most of the popular ones are 5 reel video slots, but there are also plenty of 3 reel progressive jackpots online. Some of the most popular online progressive slots include King Cashalot and Shopping Spree.