Kicking Ass at Multi-Table No-Limit Tournaments

Online NL multi table poker tournaments have become immensely popular over the last couple of years, mainly because of televised events such as the World Poker Tour and the WSOP (World Series of Poker). There are many who enter these tournaments for a chance at the “big win”.

There are three stages in a tournament, this is how you should be playing them.

Stage 1 – The Beginning Stage

Keep your bluffing to an absolute minimum, you want to keep your stack high. Remember that in the early days of the tournaments there are no prizes for losing. That being said this does not mean that you should fold every hand until getting into prize positions because the blinds will end up killing you.

Just make sure you aren’t taking too many risks, if someone calls you all in pre-flop and you have pocket Aces than go for it but don’t fall into the trap of raising or calling too much on poor quality cards just because you are pretty sure the other player will fold.

Multi-Table No-Limit Tournaments

Stage 2 – The Middle Stage

This is the stage of the tournament where the blinds are going to start getting of reasonable size and you will need to adapt. You can actually survive here by stealing the blinds.

You can also, if you are the big stack bully of the table call other players all in with decent cards as they stand to lose everything where as you can survive the hit, just make sure you pick your moments wisely.

Stage 3 – The Final Stage

This is where the tournament is getting to the end, the blinds are very high and there are going to be a lot of coin-flip decisions that may seal your fate. Because of the fact the blinds are high it is often a good idea to go all-in preflop but you will only want to do this with a pocket pair or Ace / High Card.

Once it gets to the final table you can use a lot of your general one table poker strategy here.