Is Online Bingo Better Than Bingo Halls?

The rise in online bingo is threatening the traditional bingo halls.  More and more people are starting to play bingo online rather than in the halls, leading to some bingo halls starting to struggle to bring in the business needed.

But is this a good idea?  Is there an advantage to playing bingo online, or would we be better off playing bingo in the traditional brick and mortar bingo halls?

Pros and Cons of Online Bingo vs Traditional Bingo


*    With online bingo you can play when you want.  No opening times or days off, simply log in and start playing, no matter the day or night.
*    No travel.  Organising getting around can be a real pain, no need to spend half the evening travelling to and from the place.
*    No putting up with others.  It’s amazing how often other people can annoy you in a bingo hall.  But with online bingo ignoring them is very simple.
*    Chat during play.  You’re meant to be quiet during play in bingo halls, but the online chat function for online bingo means that you can chat away all you want.
*    No missing numbers.  Online bingo doesn’t need you to hear the caller, and the numbers called are there for you to easily see and check off your card.
*    Play in your pajamas.  There’s something liberating about playing online bingo whilst sill in your pj’s!


*    Harder to make a night of it.  Meeting up with the girls, having a few drinks etc can be great fun.  Whilst you can chat with online bingo it isn’t quite the same.
*    Need a computer and internet connection.  Those things can cost!
*    Visible competition.  Seeing who you’re up against can make you more competitive – whilst online bingo can make you feel more like you’re playing against a computer.
*   Physical money.  Whilst you’re always going to get the money with online bingo, there’s something special about seeing the physical money like you do in traditional bingo halls.