Understanding roulette

Roulette is one of the most played casino games, especially by newbies. The reason for this is supposedly due to its simplistic nature which makes it a good proposition for beginners. However, beneath this simplicity lies a deceptively complex game that often disappoints those players with a misconception that roulette is easy. In light of this, this article is dedicated to helping players especially beginners to understand the most basic things about roulette so they don’t fall victim like what some players have done in the past. On your next casino visit or if you are playing at an online casino such as netbet.co.uk, you need to remember this information.

Opt for the free table at first

Roulette is a game that has deceived many players in the past as they thought that it’s just all about picking a box number or colour and letting the ball find its way to your preferred box. While on the surface this may be the truth, roulette is much more than just that. In order to acclimatise yourself to the game and understand more about the rules of the game, you need to play at the free table at first before playing for real money. [Read more…]

A review of the Popeye Skill stop Slot Machine Game

As you probably know, people have been playing and enjoying playing slot machine games in casinos (and trying to win big on them) for years now. That much is obvious. But if you’ve ever wanted to get a slot machine game for your home that you could play yourself for fun reasons, with family and or friends – this is your chance to!

Playing slot machine games is a lot of fun for people to play. People of all ages and walks of life. Simply because they’re simple to play and you can win of course! One such popular slot machine game to get and play is the Popeye Skill Stop Slot Machine that would make an excellent self-gift or gift to someone else deserving.

Lots of people these days create game rooms at home that they kit out with slot machine games and other great fun arcade games, pool tables and other gear and games. These game rooms are a great idea for people to make as they provide you a way to relax and spend time playing some fun games with your family and friends etc.

And one such game that you will love to play, that you and others will have fun playing is the Popeye Skill Stop Slot Machine game for how simple and easy to play it is. Just enter some coins, push the start button and away you go! But you can also get the machine that has been converted so that it doesn’t need any coins to actually play it. [Read more…]

Sink your teeth into refreshed online favorites

Think you know the blackjack world? Then you’re in for a real treat after you read this guide. You’ll want to hop on over to your favorite casino and check out their blackjack offering. There’s two big reasons why you’ll want to play a few hands right away. The first is that Pocket Vegas understands that the graphics are just as important as the game, and they haven’t disappointed in the slightest. The second reason is that this is a completely mobile setup. Now, a lot of sites say that, and then leave you disappointed. This is a truly mobile solution that gives you the chance to play on the road without having to deal with a pinched interface where everything is hard to read. Does this impact your ability to win? Only for the positive, because a clear interface that’s easy to navigate is one that you’ll love playing at over and over again.

favorite casino games

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need it, but we managed to navigate Pocket Vegas without any trouble. It’s a simple setup designed to get you playing rather than dealing with page after page of forms. Of course, we wouldn’t want to put any other place on the spot if their navigation isn’t up to par. We like to keep it positive around here 🙂

Blackjack has a long and rich history, and it’s one that we like to honor as much as possible. The psychological thrill of the game is pretty obvious as well; after all, how many games reward you for mastering strategy? You can lower the house edge if you continue to play well, and you can also raise the chances of the house getting one over on you if you’re ‘not careful.

It’s better to keep playing hands until you get the hang of it, but a lot of people find that they’re better at blackjack than they realized. They just have to believe in their own skills. Playing directly against the dealer is something that separates this game from poker, where you’re playing against other people. Which one do we like better? Isn’t that always the ultimate question? 🙂

You see, we love poker and we play it often. However, there’s something about blackjack that brings us back to the table again and again. If you’re the same way, do yourself a favor and check this out. The potential winnings are more than worth it!

Five advantages of Mobile Casinos

Playing a mobile casino may not be something that you have ever considered. You may just be used to playing in a real casino or playing on a PC. However there are many great advantages of doing so, five of which are described below.

Can play any time

If you play in a casino, then you are limited when you can play. Even if the casino is open all of the time. You have to take the time to get there. Mobile casinos are there whenever you need them and you do not have to get out of bed, get dressed or go out to play. This can be so much better. It is even better than a PC casino as you will not have to be at home to play, so even when you are out of the home, you can play it. This means that you can literally play at any time of the day or night.

Mobile Casinos

Can play anywhere

When you have a casino on your mobile phone you are able to play anywhere. You do not have to go to a casino or be in front of your PC, the casino comes with you. This means that whenever you have a spare moment or feel like playing you will be able to do so. You can therefore play at work, on public transport, when in the street or in a café or at other peoples houses. You can even get other people involved when you play would could mean that you have lots of fun playing together.

Big choice of apps

There is also a great choice of casino apps that you can use. You can pick from many different casinos, both famous ones and less famous ones. It means that you do not have to go to a specific place to visit a casino but you can pick from any casino brand from all over the world. You will be able to find an app that you really like. You may not have time to try them all but you can read reviews and try out some of them until you find one that you really enjoy.

Big choice of games

The fact that there are lots of casino apps means that there is a huge choice of games. You will be able to choose form every possible casino game with a massive range of themes and different brands. The games may vary as well, which means that you have a massive choice. You will be able to find the perfect game for you, if you have the time to try out lots of different types. You can also use reviews to help you to choose specific games that you think you will like.

Can control what you spend

Playing on a mobile means that you can control what you spend. Some apps have a control setting where you can ask it to only allow you to spend a certain amount of money per day. You can also just top up the account with the amount that you can afford to spend. This can make it easier for you to know what you are spending in the casino than if you were just playing with a credit card in a real casino.

Only the Best Casino Websites Keep Your Attention All Holiday Season Long

Are you looking for great gambling places to make a little money on the side, meet new people, and actually have a good time? You’re in great company. The holiday season is the perfect time to really make sure that you’re going to be able to have a good time. While it is definitely a good time to make some money on the side, the truth is that where you play matters. A lot of gamblers ignore this, just picking the first casino that springs to mind. They are often disappointed, but thankfully — it doesn’t have to be that way at all. You just need to think about what you want to play, and then hunt for the best casino websites to make it happen.

These casino websites are going to keep your attention not just for the moment, but for the entire holiday season. We know that you are going to spend some time with your families, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be “dead time” where you’re bored and you just want to kill some time. You get to have fun, make a little money on the side — or even a lot of money! — and otherwise have a great time in the process.

Best Casino Websites

Killing boredom is something that we have to all think about. If you really think about it, isn’t it more interesting to have a thrill of playing the big casino games while there’s a risk of losing a little money? The upside of this is that there’s an equal chance to win some money. You never know until you go out and play.

As mentioned earlier, there is definitely a good social element to the world of casino gambling. You have casinos that have live dealers, which means that your table will have a hot female dealer that will not only guide your gameplay, but they’ll also chat with you. That’s a great way to let the stress of everyday life go, isn’t it? You don’t have to feel like it’s impossible to relax — that’s a bad road to walk down, so just avoid it while you’re thinking about it.

You want to log on and look at reviews from the best casino websites. These will be done by real players who really do go out and gamble every day, every weekend; every other week… you get the idea. They’re not just speculating — they’re putting down hard earned money to find out if a casino is really legit or not. They’re going to tell you the full scoop, so make sure that you check that out too. Good luck!

More Reasons Why We Need Casino Directories

Some in the gambling community question the need for casino directories. In the era of Google, do we really need specialized sites that list the best of the best casinos? Bonus codes? Can’t you do away with them?

We don’t think so. We’ve linked to quite a few casino directories in the past. Folks, it takes time to compile all of that information. It’s not computer generated. It’s not something that can just be done automatically. Real people have to maintain those sites. It’s not something that feels normal, and it means that you’re going to have to let he site owner be compensated for all of the hard work that they put into it.

Casino directories give you reviews by real players. Sure, you might get sucked into the casino advertisements as a newbie, but over time… you won’t be fooled. Wouldn’t it be nice to have warnings for other newbies, so that they don’t get sucked into a casino that might not serve their purposes?

Casino Directories

Sometimes it’s hard to realize that a casino doesn’t serve our needs. The advertisements look good, and it feels like everyone’s having a great time there. But if you’re not having the time of your life, then what’s the point?

You might as well go where you are going to have a good time. Casino directories spell out which games are at which casino, which is a very helpful thing indeed.

As long as you remain focused on getting exactly what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong. Every casino is going to offer you a little something different. We don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that, really. You just need to know what you want to play.

Casino bonuses are a good thing, but some people skip over them because they know the site owner is making a commission. What? That’s the silliest thing that we’ve ever heard in our time playing casino games! It’s not coming out of our pockets — it’s coming out of the casinos pocket.

I say that casino directories are meant to be enjoyed. Why not enjoy them and let the rest go? You have no need to get panicked or worried. Just enjoy them to the fullest and enjoy life in general. There’s nothing else that you have to do, we promise.

Online Slots Are Definitely a Great Experience You need to Check Out

Are you thinking about going online to escape boredom, win a little money, and have a lot of fun in the process? Then online slots should definitely be on your list. In fact, we dare say that slots should be at the top of your list. There’s nothing like a good online slot game to pass away the time. If you’re recovering from a big push into strategy games, you might feel burned out on the whole experience. There’s nothing wrong at all with strategy games, but we think that there is a tendency to get swept away in them. You might be so caught up in going head to head with people that you don’t realize how much the process is stressing you out. It’s better then to look at games that are going to make you feel good.

Online slots are a full experience — full color, rich sound, and plenty of action to keep you busy. No two slots provide exactly the same experience. It’s all about the theme of the game. Some slots might feel “looser” than others. It’s really all about your odds. You might win something, or you might not. If it were guaranteed, it wouldn’t as nearly as interesting as it is now. You just need to make sure that you’re always thinking about the bigger picture here rather than getting caught up in little details. To help you pick the slots, you can always turn to comparison sites. These sites will list all the pros and cons of the slots games available today. These sites are available in many different languages such as Swedish, German and Japanese. You won´t get bored as there are a lot of different slots available for you to play and have fun.

The steps to make it happen are simple — you need to look at the best place to play online slots. This is based on your specific needs as a gambler. Maybe you want to go with a site that has more than just online slots. You need to check out each homepage with care and make sure that you’re really getting the type of experience that you want. Some offer free play in order for you to see just how much you would like one casino over the other. This really depends on the casino, though.

There are some review guides that take online slots into consideration. You don’t have to feel like it’s impossible to enjoy online slots just because there are so many of them. In fact, having more than one slot game to play is a good thing.

Worried about being pushed out just because you’re not a high roller? Nonsense. Slots are open to everyone. If casinos threw out anyone that wasn’t a high roller, they wouldn’t have nearly as much business. There’s no need to worry about such things. Why not get into the game now, while it’s still on your mind?

Is There Anything You Can Control in a Pokies Game?

Perhaps the basic reason for the popularity of the land-based as well as the online pokies casinos can offer is the amazing thrill that the player feels in anticipation of either winning or losing. This thrill comes from knowing that you rely on nothing else but your luck, which makes pokies a pure gambling entertainment. And yet, a lot of players are looking for logic in pokies games and solemnly believe that they can somehow control the spinning reels – either by trying to predict a payout cycle or by “warming” a game up with small initial bets. Although it might be part of human nature to try to find logic where it does not exist, it is nevertheless important for players to think about whether there is anything in a pokies game they can actually control.

First, pokies players need to remember that there is no such thing as a payout cycle, which is the biggest myth when it comes to playing the land-based, mobile and online pokies. Since the late 1970s, pokies machines have been operating with a Random Number Generator (RNB), as is the case with the mobile and online pokies,. The RNG is a device, controlling the outcome of every spin by generating a random sequence of numbers. One of the main purposes of the RNG is making sure that there are no repeating combinations which can potentially constitute a cycle. So, the bottom line is: the outcome of the spin in a pokies game is something that you cannot control, regardless of how much you might want to believe otherwise.

Pokies Game

Some players also believe that they can “warm up” a pokies game, by feeding it small bets. Once “warmed up”, the game will supposedly start paying out. Obviously, this could not be further from the truth since, as already discussed, the omnipresent RNG does not really leave much room for the “free will” of pokies games.

So, is there anything that you can actually control in a pokies game?

Strangely enough, the answer is yes. The first thing that you can control is the amount of money you spend on pokies. This does not refer only to setting a budget for a gambling session, but also to the bets you make on every single spin. You can choose to make a maximum or a minimum wager, and you can also choose how many paylines to bet on if you play a multiple payline pokies game. By this means, you will have some influence on the potential winnings you can make, since the payout of certain pokies games depends on the amount of the bet. The other thing that you can control is how much time you spend playing, or in other words, you can control the length of your pokies game.

When you want to play some of the online pokies, it is important to remember that there is not much that you can control about them. For that reason, there are only two basic rules you need to stick to: play responsibly and play for fun.


Baccarat is one of those games that everyone might have heard of, but no one seems to have played. You and I and everyone we know has been introduced to Baccarat by the iconic Bond character in Ian Fleming’s fiction (or, more likely, the films). The vision we have of the game is pure class and expensive casinos. The reason many players aren’t familiar with the game of Baccarat is that oftentimes, the stakes are very high. This is not the proletariat’s game. Indeed, Baccarat has an opulent history, dating back to 15th century Italy. It was the favorite game of King Charles VIII of France when he ruled in the 1400s. The game was called Chemin de Fer back then, and it is the name of the variation still played in France today. Baccarat, let’s just say, goes back a long time and is the prototypical casino game. You can say Baccarat was, in fact, the first.

Ian Fleming

Today, Baccarat is played in various forms. The most common variety of Baccarat, by every measure is Punto Banco, which is played in most casinos today. Other versions are the aforementioned Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque. One of the reasons Punto Banco is as popular as it is, comes from the fact that players do not need to be skilled. Unlike Blackjack, where strategy is king, Punto Banco Baccarat is based purely on chance. It is easy to learn and easy to play. The other versions of Baccarat, though, are a different story. They join the ranks of Blackjack in the sense that skill, and knowledge of strategy do play a major role in the game. online casinos offer all several varieties, so it is important to know which one is most desirable to play based on player ability.

As I’ve mentioned, the game of Baccarat is easy to understand and play. There are three outcomes to each hand. These are called “Player”, “Banker”, and “Tie”. It’s understandable to think that these are the winning outcomes, but this is actually not the case. In the game of Baccarat, the player bets on one of these three options, and the three outcomes determine the result of the wager.


The hands in Baccarat are easy to understand. Each card between 2 and 9 holds the value shown on it. A 2 is worth two and a 9 is worth nine. The ace is worth 1. And here is where it gets a bit strange—the 10 and the Face cards are worth 0. To figure out the score of a hand, you simply add up the value of the cards you hold and remove the ten. This sounds a bit confusing, so an example is in order. If you get an 8 and a 9 your score is 7. Why? Because 8+9=17 and if you remove the ten, you’re left with 7. If you get low cards, then the ten is irrelevant. So a 4 and 5 come out to 9. Incidentally, 9 is the highest score you can get in Baccarat. And 0 is the worst. When you get a 0, it’s called “Baccarat”, which is where the game gets its name from.

In North America, Australia, Finland, Sweden, and Macau, the version of Baccarat played is Punto Banco. This is also known as North American or Tableau. Punto Banco is a very high stakes game. In fact, in the US, Baccarat is played exclusively at high stakes, in private rooms. Only the real high rollers are invited, in a sense. This is the game that the very rich love to play. Wagers can often reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single hand. The excitement of Baccarat lies less in the complexity of the game and more on the sheer stress of putting down such high wages. In most tables at traditional casinos, minimum bets start at $500. That said, there are many places that can have minimum wagers as low as $25. [Read more…]

You Can Find Mobile Android Casinos for Real Money

If there’s one mobile platform that we really like in terms of overall entertainment, it would definitely have to be Android. This is a platform that is well known for rapid development. There’s plenty to do with your Android that doesn’t require knowing mobile development. Users can customize their phone to their heart’s content, at a deeper level than what people would find on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or even iPhone . You get security features that are fully functional right out of the box, and you get amazing integration with Google services. But there’s something else that Android should be recognized for, and that’s definitely being able to provide you an amazing casino experience.

Think that you can only enjoy the online casino from your laptop? Think again — casinos are definitely getting the message: gambling enthusiasts want an experience that they can take with them anywhere and everywhere that they go. Even if they only have a 3G connection, they can still check out everything the casino has to offer. It’s not something that’s going to be for everyone. After all, there are plenty of people that don’t like having such a small screen to enjoy their casino games on.

Mobile Android Casinos

There are plenty of mobile android casinos for real money out there. You can log on, get a bonus for depositing money, and you can also play any game that interests you. You want to play slots? You can do that. If you love poker, you can find plenty of mobile poker rooms that are compatible with Android. Android is more than cell phones, of course — if you have an Android tablet, you should have no problem playing with that either.

The goal here is to have an experience that passes the time and even makes you a little money. It’s better than just thinking that you aren’t going to be able to have a good time at all. And if you need any help at any point, you can always get help from casino support. Just because you’re on mobile doesn’t mean that you’re any less of a customer, and the casinos really try to be as helpful as possible at every turn.

The only thing missing at the mobile casino is…you! Get in on all of the action!