Bingo Equipment

If you will be hosting your own bingo game, there are many places you can find all the bingo equipment you need. But first, you will need to make a list of what bingo equipment you have and are lacking, as well as decide whether you want to purchase new or used bingo equipment. In the game of bingo, electronic equipment can be very helpful, particularly if you are holding a large game with many players. In this case, it is good to have bingo monitor equipment, so that even people far across the room can see the numbers that are about to be called. You will also need the type of monitors that display what has already been called, as well as a reminder of what game is currently being played.

Other bingo equipment you will need will vary according to your needs. You will need a way for your audience to hear you call, and if the room is quite large, this may involve a microphone and PA system. Another thing you will need in the way of bingo equipment is the ball rotator. Depending on how big and how often the game will be, you will have to decide whether you want the air machine or a simple rotation device.

Once you have decided exactly what equipment you need, you can begin to find a supplier for your bingo game equipment. If you are interested in purchasing used bingo equipment, you can check your local newspaper classifieds for possible deals, or you can look for online bingo equipment. You may even find a bingo hall that is going out of business and is holding an auction, and this can be an excellent place to locate bingo equipment.

If you want a new bingo equipment supply, however, you can either look on the Internet for bingo equipment manufacturers, or you can speak with a local bingo club and find out who they use. Often, just as with anything, word of mouth is the best way to find out who offers the best bingo equipment for the best price. Finding a bingo supply equipment store shouldn’t be too difficult, although there might not be one near your location. If this is the case, however, you can always have your bingo equipment shipped in from wherever it is made. This is what many bingo halls have to do, but often the end result is worth the price and the wait.

Choosing the best online bingo sites

As far as gambling is concerned, we all know that over the past few years the arrival of numerous gambling sites and casinos has changed the way in which millions of us choose to have a flutter. The biggest surge of all has been in online bingo sites, and a quick internet search will literally bring up hundreds of results, and many commercials for them are now appearing on TV in the ad breaks.

If you are a fan of bingo and fancy playing from the comfort of your own home then finding a site is a doddle, but finding the best one for you is a bit trickier. There are many incentives given to tempt you to join a bingo site; starting bonuses, deposit bonuses, big jackpots, these are just three and it all depends what you want from a bingo site and how often you plan on playing.

Starting with sign up bonuses, these range from around £10 up to £50. While it is very tempting to sign up and get £50 free to play with, remember that this is virtual money, and there will be a strict criteria regarding withdrawing your winnings. You will essentially have two balances; the money you have deposited and the bonus. If you win £100 from your bonus you will not be able to withdraw that until you have deposited a set amount, so check that out in the ‘t and c’s’ before you start.

A re-deposit bonus does exactly what it says on the tin; for every deposit you make you get a percentage free. For the sake of argument, the site may offer a 50% bonus every time you deposit, so £10 will become £15. Almost every site offer some kind of bonus when you deposit, and the competition is now so fierce between the sites that bonuses are getting better and better, which is great news for the consumer.

The last kind of bonus to look out for  is what may come in handy if you want to play the big game but are short on cash. These will be along the lines of refer a friend, clicking like on their Facebook page, following them on Twitter, bonuses for being a VIP player and loyalty points. All the best bingo sites offer at least a few of these kinds  of bonus, so don’t waste your time on one that doesn’t.

Also keep a look out for the best promotions, as these have also improved as the competition has grown. Avoid the sites that offer bonuses as prizes and head to those that offer cars, holidays, gadgets and the like. The quality of the promotion, as a rule of thumb, can be an indication of how successful a site is and how well patronised it is, and this is where you should join to turn a humble game of bingo is a great online experience.

Bingo is now hugely popular

Bingo, or housey housey, or one of the dozen or so other names that aficionados refer to it as is one of the simplest of all games, and one of the most addictive. You buy your books, the caller shouts out the numbers, you mark them off, and if you are the first one to mark off a line, or a full house, you win. There is absolutely no skill involved in bingo, it is pure luck, and this seems to be the main appeal, as everyone has the same chance of winning.

You can improve your chances of winning by buying a book of 6, meaning that you will have everyone of those 90 magic numbers spread across 6 blocks of 15, but whether you have 1 book or 6, your number still have to come out, and there’s nothing you can do about it if they don’t.

Bingo halls sprung up in the 1950’s and were full of middle aged housewives escaping from their drudgery a couple of nights a week, now there are flashy halls offering big money through link ups with other halls, slot machines in the foyer to tempt you in the interval and bars and cafés to relieve you of even more of your cash. Across the country at every kind of social event, there will invariably be a game of bingo slotted into the evening’s itinerary, and we love it.

Apart from your main book there are also flyers, a single sheet that usually pays out a larger prize. These are the ones everyone wants to win; one line, two lines, t hen a full house are the norm for this innocuous sheets of paper covered in numbers and most of us have the winnings spent before we have even hit one with our dabber. It is the ease of playing and the luck factor that attracts the young to bingo, more than any other form of gambling.

Online bingo sites are a huge draw now, and in the last 5 years it is estimated that there have been over 1m new bingo websites appearing across the globe. The appeal of these is easy to see, and there are numerous games to play apart from the standard 90 number game. There is the B.I.N.G.O game, where the numbers are called as B4, I18 etc and those that look for 4 corners or some kind of shape.

Another great thing about these sites is that you have the option of buying tickets in advance and playing when you aren’t there, so you never miss out on the jackpot games. Many a player has logged on the next morning and seen hundreds of pounds in their account, a luxury that only playing online affords you. The social side also exists on these sites and many friendships have been forged between players who share a common love of all things bingo.

Online Bingo – A Growing Game For Young Women

When you think of bingo the likelihood is you think of grannies, going along with their blue rinse hair up in a net and a steely look of determination on their face.  But the face of bingo, especially online bingo, is changing that.

No longer is the traditional player simply an old granny who is looking for a bit of fun, but increasingly we are finding that young women are interested in playing bingo, fuelled in part by the rise in online bingo.

The Online Bingo Demographics

So what can we learn about the ‘average user’ from the online bingo demographics?  Here’s a useful selection

*    85% of online bingo players are from the USA.  Japan comes in 2nd and the UK 3rd.
*    Online bingo is growing rapidly amongst the younger ages.  25% of all bingo players are young women under the age of 35, and the vast majority are under the age of 50.
*    The UK has a player pool of 3.2 million active players
*   Of that 3.2 million, 700,000 are young professionals of between 18 and 25
*    In the UK bingo is the 2nd biggest leisure activity
*    It is the most popular game for women between 20 and 25

As you can see form those demographics, the online bingo player is far from a blue rinse granny, but is more likely a young women who is looking to have a good time.  Importantly the age bracket of serious growth, 20 – 25, is a demographic that tends to have the most disposable income.

It’s no surprise that young women are turning to bingo.  Online bingo has managed to make bingo more appealing, allowing players to play when and where they want to.  Because of this there has been a sharp uptake in technology active players, predominantly young women in their 20s looking for a bit of fun.